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Editorial Policy

Carthage HS News Online is the official online news publication for Carthage High School, created and produced by Advanced Journalism I-III students. The Carthaginian is the print news publication for Carthage High School and will be published twice in the 2015-2016 school year.

Our Editorial Policy

The Carthaginian, and The Pine Burr yearbook will serve as laboratories for journalism students that are designed to serve the total school community. Writing is based on a wide variety of research for a broad and often critical audience. The experience often demands responsibility, cooperation and a great deal of professionalism. The Carthage High School publications will serve their audience with accurate and factual reporting on significant aspects of school life and subjects of concerns to its readers. As an independent observer, the publications will use their unique access to news and a broad perspective to lead the school community toward constructive accomplishments. The publications will strive to entertain audiences through clever, creative approaches to writing, photography, design and coverage of the human spirit. has a goal to successfully reach the high school community with interesting, timely articles that will enhance the surroundings and purpose of the educational experience.

It is the responsibility of these publications to cover school, city, state, national and international events and issues that affect or concern the campus, its students or its readers in a non-biased method. School publications will attempt to cover all aspect of the school; however, coverage will depend greatly upon an item’s news value (how important or interesting it would be to the majority of the school population). Publication editors determine the news value of all material. School publications will clearly identify sources of news, except when it is necessary to uphold the journalist’s privilege of protecting the identity of sources. When in such case, the journalist must reveal the source to the editor or adviser, who will there in determine if the source is creditable. School publications will avoid sensationalizing news and events. Publications do not invade personal privacy or print material that might be embarrassing or degrading to any individual or group.

 Administrative Policy

The Board of Education and the Central Administration of Carthage ISD provides the publications with a partial subsidy to cover basic supplies, just as it does for other classes in the school curriculum. Additional funds are generated through the sale of advertising by the publications staff and deposited into the high school’s activity fund – commission sales from school day portraits are also collected. While school publications are responsible to the board for the funds they receive and subject to state and federal laws, content reflecting student’s thinking and is not necessarily in agreement with the administration of Carthage Independent School District. Editorials represent the staff majority and must include a percentage of agreeance along with the story. Opinions are not generally those the adviser, its editors, student body, faculty or administration. All content is a designated public forum for student expression without prior review by school officials.

The school publications endeavor to correctly spell names and make accurate class and position identifications. Names of students, faculty, administration and other sources will be checked for accuracy by the writer and editor. The editor or adviser is not responsible for inaccuracy in presenting names within a story. All facts must be verifiable by at least two sources. All quotes are subject to verification by the editors and/or adviser. Any story containing factious quotes will be discarded in its entirety and the writer will be placed on disciplinary probation. Most of what is published is the work of individual’s. Administrators have a non-review role: they may, according the Hazelwood court decision, control content prior to publication, and may offer advice on sensitive issues and will offer criticisms that are warranted following publication.

Our school publications strive for the highest standards of accuracy, integrity, completeness and careful research in its presentation of material that time allows. Since there are deadlines to meet, however, school publications will go to press with the facts as they stand on deadline. The staff therefore assumes responsibility for the accuracy of these facts.

The school publications are current members of the UIL-ILPC, TAJE, NSPA, CSPA, Quill and Scroll, and JEA professional organizations and receive critiques from some of these sources and adhere to these organizations’ guidelines.

Letters to the Editors will serve as a public forum. Students, faculty, administrators, parents and other community members are encourage to react to material through signed letters to the editor. Letters must be signed with the author’s true name and be accompanied by a phone number and address.

To submit your feedback, please email your full name and your letter of around 300 words in length to [email protected] Letters are subject to discretion and editing, for length, taste, and libel. In the event that more letters are submitted than can be accommodated due to space concerns, the student editors will determine which letters are published.

Comment Policy also appreciates feedback in the form of online comments. As with our policy regarding letters, all online comments must be appropriate, and are scanned before being published. Our goal is to foster a productive, relevant discussion. We therefore reserve the right to remove any comments that are determined to be inappropriate, including any comments that contain foul language; racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive remarks; spam; and/or personal attacks. All comments must be signed. Although we do our best to review comments as quickly as possible, please allow at least 48 hours for your comment to be approved. If you feel that your comment has been incorrectly deleted, please contact us at [email protected]

Contact Us

Comments, questions, concerns and letters to the editor may be sent in c/o the CHS Journalism Department at 1 Bulldog Drive, Carthage, TX, 75639 or to the adviser at [email protected] The department’s phone number is (903) 693-2552, ext. 1118.

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Editorial Policy