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Prom Preparations

Sophie Clakley

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There is one time of the year that almost every girl looks forward to. Prom is a very good excuse to get dressed up and go eat and have fun for the night. There is a lot of planning and preparations that go into prom. Either you are the one involved in it or you’re the one decorating the whole cafeteria to make the night look and feel special.

“My favorite thing about getting ready for prom is getting ready for prom is getting my hair done because I don’t do that often.” Senior, Kenzie Hill.

For seniors, prom is one of the lasts events that they are apart of until they graduate and won’t be able to be apart of another dance with their classmates.

“I’m looking forward to this year’s prom because it’s my senior year and it’s one of my many “lasts” with my friends. I have a good looking prom date, Gunner Capps, and I know we will have a blast!” Hill said.

The girls are more into prom than the guys because they can get their makeup done or do it themselves good and can wear the dress they’ve been dying to wear since they got it.

Hill also said, “My favorite thing about getting ready for prom is getting my hair and makeup done because I don’t get to do that often.”

“I have had my hair and makeup done for prom but I also have done it myself so it depends on whether or not I can do the style makeup and hair I want on that day.” Senior Hannah Roberson.

A lot of important preparations go into getting ready for prom months in advance.

“My preparations for prom include: making hair and makeup appointments for that day at least 2 months ahead of time, picking out a dress at least 2 months early before all the stores get so busy with other girls looking for prom dresses, then I usually get a spray tan 2 nights before the prom. That way when that day comes you have everything lined up so it’s not so stressful.” Roberson said.

Some girls also love prom because simply so they can have all the attention for the night and get to show off.

“My favorite thing about getting ready is all the attention being on me and getting to take pictures.” Senior Ebonie Washington said.


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Prom Preparations