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Living in Texas Q&A

Hannah Villanueva

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What makes Texas unique from other states?

“I think it’s really unique that Texas used to be its own country at one point. That’s pretty awesome.”

-Cameron Anderson, 9

“The scenery in Texas is so beautiful. Just driving on backroads or even in the city. Everything’s prettier in Texas.”

-Pavan Bhakta, 12

“The size and population of Texas is unique. Everyone wants to live here.”

-Jalen Brooks, 10

“Texas is bigger and you can experience summer and winter in just one day. The weather is so bi-polar.”

-Deisi Escobedo, 11


What food is the best in Texas?

“Whataburger, dude. They have the perfect hamburgers and I’ve never found anything better.”

-Kell Whitlock, 12

“The BBQ here is just amazing. It doesn’t taste the same anywhere else.”

-Jace Tiller, 11


What is your favorite thing about Texas history?

“The struggle and perseverance of the story of the Alamo is intriguing to me.”

-Faith Noel, 9

“The Alamo is my favorite part about Texas history because it shows what a driven group of people can accomplish.”

-Jobe Powell, 12


Do you admit to having a Texas accent?

“I’ll always admit to having a Texas accent. The chicks love it.”

-Hunter Dubose, 9

“No, because I don’t think I have an accent. I remember back in Baker-Koonce I used to be embarrassed because when everyone was counting while we were stretching, everyone said ‘tin’ instead of what I said, ‘ten’.

-Colby Green, 12

“Yes, but just like everyone else does, I refuse to admit it to anyone. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life and my accent just gets thicker.”

-Abby Vance, 12


Have you ever been recognized as a Texan from another state?

“I remember one time I was in Disney World and I met Peter Pan and he asked me where I was from because he recognized my slight country accent. When I told him I was from Texas, he said he knew all about it. We agreed everything is bigger and better in Texas.”

-Madison Smith, 11

“Yes, when I was in Las Vegas, Nevada I was identified as being a Texan by some random guys at the restaurant we were at. They loved my accent.”

-Sage Moore, 9

“One time I went on a church trip to Alabama and everyone immediately recognized our church group from Texas.”

-Peyton Monroe, 11


How has living in Texas sculpted you as a person?

“It has empowered me to feel free to stand up for what is right and moral. I feel that everyone from Texas has an inherent pride that is a permanent fixture in everyone’s character.”

-Khalil Davidson, 9


How has living in Texas affected your faith?

“I was raised to be polite and I don’t think people up north learn manners like we do in Texas. Also, I’ve learned that any big smart words can definitely be reduced to sound less intelligent.”

-Peyton Bickham, 12

“Living in Texas allows me to feel free to express and practice Christianity openly without ridicule or criticism from left wing groups or anti-Christian organizations.”

-Cameron Twomey, 9

“I’ve become a stronger believer in the Christian faith because everyone around me is very religious and encouraging.”

-Madolynn Permenter, 10

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