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Love means nothing to us

Hannah Villanueva

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How do you feel about after school practices?

-I’m glad that we have after school practices because it gives us extra time to truly compete in matches between ourselves and to work longer on the skills we need to improve.”

-Kailee Dowdy, 11

Do you have any superstitions before competing?

“Before competing I really like to sit alone and watch other people compete before me because it helps me focus and clear my mind.”

-Chaitali Patel, 12

How do you warm up before a match?

“Before a match, I warm up by hitting back and forth with the other team for a couple of minutes. Then we take turns serving a few times, and when everybody has warmed up enough, we begin the match.”

-Sarah Parker, 10

“In the beginning of the period to warm up, I usually just volley with my partner for a few minutes.”

-Taylor Barton, 9

What do you do in practice to help prepare for the season?

“Each day I have tennis practice, I prepare myself for tournaments by quickly practicing my serves and competing with my teammates in matches that normally last the entire duration of practice.”

-Easton Wilson, 12

Do you prefer doubles or singles?

“I prefer singles because there isn’t as much pressure to perform as well [for someone else] and winning makes me feel really accomplished.”

-Kade Hogg, 11

“I prefer to play doubles because you don’t have to cover as much of the court, and I love playing with my best friend, Taylor.”

-Chaylan Luker, 9

Which meet are you looking forward to attending to the most?

“I’m most looking forward to the district meet because last year I placed third which made me an alternate for regionals. This year I’m working harder so I can go to the regionals meet.”

-Emily Andrus, 12

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Love means nothing to us